Thanks for sending me details of your obscure subject – if it’s not too much trouble, it’d be great if you could help me out with part 2 of this. Basically, I’m now after three trivia questions about that very subject. Anything goes, really – they don’t have to be super-tricky, but I guess that always depends on knowledge of a subject anyway!

Thanks for doing this –  please can you email them to me at bokestalbans at hotmail com.

This all has a purpose, by the way – all will definately be revealed in good time!

Thanks again!


One Response to “obscure subject experiment”

  1. theunk said

    Who is the Patron Saint of pilots and astronauts?
    – St. Philipus Neri
    * St Joseph of Cupertino
    – St Catherine of Siena

    How high did Sister Anne see Saint Theresa of Avila fly?
    – 40 mm
    * 40 cm
    – 40 m

    Which flying Saint had a sister killed by lightning:
    – St Eleanor Girlani
    – St Gerard Majella
    * St Thomas Aquinas

    What does the Greek word ‘Boskoi’ mean?
    – painting hermits
    – sleeping hermits
    * grazing hermits

    When was the golden age of grazers?
    – 18th century
    – 10th century
    * 6th century

    Where was the last Boskoi seen in the 1960’s?
    – near Paris
    * in Greece
    – in the Himalayas

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