possible thursday

December 9, 2011

they’re playing the lightning seeds in Morrisons, imagine that! It took me aback and I stood gaping by the olive oils with sugar coated iceberg in my ears and wondering what the hell I was doing there in the first place. Grabbed a bottle of oil at whi8m even though I don’t think it was extra virgin or a good deal, pocketing a tin of tuna before shaking the oil in futile rage at the self scan checkout, finally escaping out to St James St where an elderly woman at the bus stop swings her arm out in an extravagant gesture and I nearly get a B & H superking in the eye and, still disorientated, I hurtle backwards clutching the oil like a drunk, wrapped in a useless shopping bag, and as I cross to the front the first thing is a freshly killed pigeon trailing guts over the zebra crossing, for gods sake, the zebra crossing, but this is soon forgotten for the second thing is this gigantic wheel which I find myself drawn to and handing over my eight pounds I get a capsule to myself. it moves a bit faster than you imagine and I remember the tuna and produce it but the tin doesn’t have a ring pull and I see the pier sway beneath me and I briefly consider breaking the glass with the tin but I don’t think it will break so I settle for uncapping the olive oil and letting it pour all over the base of the cabin in a slick deep yellow pool and I have already disembarked the ride and started walking swiftly away before I hear the first shouts