Pigeons wearing a ‘collar of bread’.

October 5, 2011

The phenomenon of pigeons wearing a ‘collar of bread’ or ‘bread necklace’ is something that my housemate Jed brought to my attention a couple of years ago. He had seen a pigeon, attempting to eat a whole slice of bread, bite its way through the middle, so the bread slipped around the pigeon’s neck, forming an almost Victorian seeming collar. The pigeon, unable to remove this, would subsequently bob around looking utterly ridiculous, until it could finally free itself from its doughy mantle. Jed didn’t actually witness the removal of the collar, but he surmised that either the pigeon finally managed to tip itself up on end and shake off the collar, or recruit the assistance of fellow pigeons to eat the bread-collar away.

At the time, I collected together a series of pictures from the internet, and I thought I’d link to them there, perhaps creating some kind of avian bread-collar resource in order to share the experience of this intriguing natural phenomenon.
Pigeon w Bread Necklace Pigeon with bread necklaceQueen Pigeon

There are also these ones on Flickr that it won’t let me embed:
oh! oh!, and two videos on Youtube: here. and here.

There’s a feature on the phenomenon in the pigeon blog. It’s even reached the dizzy heights of the Daily Mail, although the writer doesn’t mention whether the pigeon was also stealing our money and taking our jobs.

Finally, although it’s not strictly wearing a collar of bread, I’ve been learning how to edit video recently, and it’s perhaps an appropriate time to introduce my first short film, Pigeon in a Pizza Box.


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