Semi skimmed

September 21, 2011

And September is upon us. I’ve been pretty busy of late, with a few exciting projects on the horizon.

Firstly, I’m working on a very exciting project called Trapped in an endless cycle of milk consumption. My friend Rosy is putting on an event at the end of the month based on David Lynch, and she’s asked me to write something for it. I’ve kept her in the dark as to what it’ll actually contain, partly because I’m not entirely sure myself, but as the event draws ever closer, it’s beginning to take shape. It’s essentially a story in three voices, with accompanying video. It’s my first attempt at shooting and editing a film, but hopefully it’ll all go according to plan – if so, then I’ll try and record the story and set it to the video. Which is all very exciting if slightly nerve-wracking. It’s taken me the last couple of weeks to get all the things I need to shoot the film, the last of which was the charger and cable for my video camera, so I’ve now got approximately 3 free days to do all the filming and editing – but fingers crossed, it should be something very special. Me and Amy put on a Lynch-themed evening a couple of years ago which culminated in an unsettling and violent short play called Glue Velvet – it’ll be interesting to see if I can top that.

A couple of days after that, there’s the second installment of Artists, Models, Ink, called Life Cycles. I’ve written about the previous one, and it’s great to be involved with it again. The theme for this one is the seasons and transition – which I’m finding a challenging theme to write a poem for, mostly because it’s impossible to write about the seasons without the weight of T. S. Eliot on my back. Still, I’m hoping I’ll be able to shake off Il miglior fabbro enough to come up with something good. Sweet ladies, goodnight, goodnight.


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