Thirteen Six Eleven

May 30, 2011

I’m ever so slightly wary this is going to come across as slightly melodramatic and self-pitying, but those who know me well will know that’s just about usual. It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve been more caught up with the chaos of the festival than usual (despite not actually doing a show myself, or at least not one that involves any sort of organisation), and to add to that I’ve been very much caught up in trying to make sure Hanover Day takes place this year. Much as I love that sort of chaos, lately I’ve been making lists of what I’m going to do when it’s all over. Well, that and one afternoon of curling up into a foetal position and freaking the hell out. So, anyway, here’s my list of things to do once all the chaos dies down.

– finish putting together my second book of poems.

This was actually 85% done about six months ago. I (self) published the first book (City Boy in Blind Spot Trauma) back in 2007, and I’ve easily got enough material for a second one. However, since I put the line-up together back in November, I’ve changed my mind massively about what bits I actually want to include. And then I’ve got to lay it out, and get people to draw illustrations, and then actually bring myself to like it enough to get it printed up and have a book launch and all that. At the moment it’s called The Holy Roman Empire vs H & H Fried Chicken and Kebabs, but this could all change.

– finish putting together Glossy Magazine II

For want of an infinitely better title. Me and Amy made Glossy Magazine last winter. It’s a bit like the sort of magazine you might get with the Sunday papers, but smaller, and better, and with more lies in it. Again, we’ve got a lot of the content – I just need to get round to laying out a load of pages on photoshop. And, um, that’s about it.

– get my hair cut

Or at least shave the back of it again. It’s full of little tangled dreadlocks and it weighs a ton. No undercuts.

– lie on my face and do nothing for 48 hours

Really missing that.

– go on holiday

No real plans. I quite like the idea of a grand tour of the UK. I’ll probably just go hang out in St. Albans for the weekend.

– start a new project

Amy’s not coming back to Brighton any time fast. I miss Glue Gun ’91. I’d like to write an illustrated history of St. Albans and organise a Dining Experience.


This is, as ever, a very incomplete list. But it’s nice to think about the future, especially if you’re lying in a foetal position mid-afternoon and freaking the hell out.


One Response to “Thirteen Six Eleven”

  1. Lou said

    I love the title “Glossy Magazine” !!! the other glossy magz on the market should learn from you …

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